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dys4ia dys4ia

Rated 5 / 5 stars

as someone who's struggled with similar (but not always identical, or even close) issues around identity, i can tell you, if we're basing this on emotional weight alone, as most artistic contributions should primarily be judged, this gets a 12/10, or, 5. that being said - skill can enchance presentation, presentation can lead to people letting go of preconceptions, but - you have found your answer, good luck to you! i wish you all the best; from the sidelines! now to end with a slightly-still-confused *confuzzledchirp!*

Recent Audio Reviews

Monkey Island ( HE ) Monkey Island ( HE )

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

good work!

perhaps less synthy instrumentation, and more of a reworking of the theme/interpretation to consider for next time?

i think we'd all agree - opening menu music to mother 3 (mother earth) *deedoodeedoo* combined with ambient opener to this? hell yes!

Sonic2-Hill Top Zone Piano Sonic2-Hill Top Zone Piano

Rated 5 / 5 stars

heh this is the one i was looking for, it's the holy smurfing grail of the sonic series! joy! +20 rupees!

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DrMackFoxx responds:

Most excellent. :) Glad you loved this remake and thanks for another excellent review!

Sonic 2-2P VS- Emerald... Sonic 2-2P VS- Emerald...

Rated 5 / 5 stars

did anyone else prefer this one to single player/co op e:zone for pure nostalgia-inducing purposes? ! i remember getting this for christmas, with my very first console ever, tho i'd asked for an snes! well i got my wish many years later, was a tough year, and mario helped cheer me up. also, this theme is kind of like, the sonic anti-mario theme, anyone agree?

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DrMackFoxx responds:

If you ask me, it's pretty awesome that you got to grow up with a Sega Genesis and a SNES. :) Personally, I can't choose whether I like this or the one-player versions of Emerald Hill Zone. Both are quite awesome!

Thank you very much for the great review and I'm glad you enjoyed this song so much! :)